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Cain Campaign 'Respects' Final Ames Ballot

After concerns surrounding the makeup of the Ames Straw Poll this year, Herman Cain’s campaign says it “respects the decision” of the Poll’s organizers, reports TPM.

Last week, Cain's campaign was concerned about a ballot that included candidates who did not pay to be on the Ames Poll ballot. But now, after the controversy Cain's concerns caused in Iowa have subsided, the campaign regards the final ballot faovrably.

“The measureable difference between what could have been and what is, is that all the people on the ballot are declared candidates,” Cain spokesperson Ellen Carmichael told TPM. “[The] good that came out of it is that undeclared candidates aren’t on the ballot this time.”

Traditionally, candidates must pay thousands of dollars to guarantee a space on the Ames ballot.  Past ballots have included undeclared candidates, spurring concerns that, this year undeclared candidates on the ballot would skew results. The Cain campaign had said they wanted to keep the ballot limited in order to keep it fair.

This year, all declared candidates were allowed on the ballot regardless of their financial contributions to the event.
Rick Perry and Sarah Palin, two suspected but undeclared candidates, were left off the ballot.

Carmichael says the Cain campaign is ready to compete despite Mitt Romney and other non-contributing candidates appearing on the ballot.

“We’re honored to be a part of it,” she said. “We expect to perform well.”

Posted by TPI editor on 7/26/2011 12:15:02 PM

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