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Congressman McClintock Introduces Debt Amendment

Republican Congressman Tom McClintock along with 11 co-sponsors introduced House Joint Resolution 84, a constitutional amendment that would prevent increases to the national debt, except for a specific purpose and only with the approval of three-fourths of Congress on Friday, reports

“What is a balanced budget? It's simply a budget that doesn't require us to borrow,” said McClintock in a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives earlier this week.

"The beauty of the American Constitution is in its simplicity and its humility. The American Founders recognized Cicero's wisdom that “the best laws are the simplest ones.” And they realized that they couldn't possibly foresee the circumstances and conditions that may confront future generations and therefore they resisted the temptation to micro-manage every decision that might be made centuries in the future. Instead, they set forth general principles of governance and erected a structure in which human nature itself would naturally guide future decisions to comport with those principles," McClintock argued.

"In crafting a balanced budget amendment, we need to maintain these qualities. We should not attempt to tell future generations specifically how they should manage their revenues and expenditures in times that we cannot comprehend. The experience of many states that operate under their own balanced budget amendments tells us that the more complicated and convoluted such strictures become, the more they are circumvented and manipulated."

McClintock went on to say that he would introduce the 27-word amendment to his colleagues at the end of the week.

Posted by TPI editor on 11/7/2011 11:15:58 AM

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