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Paul Rules Out Third Party Run

Republican presidential candidate and tea party favorite Ron Paul closed the door on a third-party, independent run for the White House in a wide-ranging interview on Fox News Sunday.

“I have no intention of doing that,” the eight-term Texas congressman said. “That doesn’t even make any sense to me — to even think about it, let alone plan to do that.” When pressed for more of an explanation, Paul simply said, “Because I don’t want to do it.”

Paul also discussed a possible endgame to the Republican nominating contest, stating that it would be difficult for him to endorse one of his competitors if things don’t go his way.

“Probably not unless I get to talk to them and find out what they believe in,” said Paul. “But if they believe in expanding wars, if they don’t believe in looking at the Federal Reserve, if they don’t believe in real cuts, if they don’t believe in deregulation and a better tax system, it would defy everything I believe in. And so therefore I would be reluctant to jump on board and tell all of the supporters that have given me trust and money, then all of a sudden say, 'All we have done is for naught and let’s support anybody at all because even if they disagree with everything we do.’”

Earlier in the interview, Paul cited historical precedent in defense of his plan to cut $1 trillion in federal spending in the first year of his presidency.

“That’s exactly what they said after World War II, and they cut the budget 60 percent and they cut taxes 30 percent, and released 10 million people from the military and we finally had an economic boom for the first time since the 1920s.”

On the issue of GOP rival Herman Cain’s battle against accusations of sexual harassment, Paul characterized the media’s focus on the scandal as a distraction.

“Those other allegations, these problems that he had, no, I think the media’s blown that way out of proportion,” Paul said. “I think there are a thousand stories out on that, and I think that dilutes the real debate.”

Posted by TPI editor on 11/7/2011 1:40:40 PM
Filed under: party, paul, run, third

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