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Ron Paul Blasts Super Committee as New Polls Show Early State Surge

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul blasted the Congressional Super Committee Wednesday on Fox News and called for a fundamental overhaul of the role of the federal government.

“From my viewpoint [the super committee is] not really talking about cuts,” the tea party favorite told Fox anchor Megyn Kelly. “My proposal is to cut a trillion dollars in real cuts in the first year. They’re talking about cutting a trillion dollars over 10 years. And they’re only talking about cutting a trillion dollars from the baseline. So those aren’t real cuts.”

The super committee has until November 23 to hammer out a plan to cut the federal deficit. The legislation that established the panel of six Democrats and six Republicans put in place an enforcement mechanism that will trigger automatic cuts if the committee fails to reach an agreement on $1.2 million in deficit cuts over 10 years.

Paul believes the concept for the committee is flawed and fails to seriously address the financial crisis facing the country.

“They don’t want to admit the country’s bankrupt and there’s not a strong necessity to do something. And the other thing is they won’t consider changing policy,” said Paul. “So you can’t tinker around the edges and get rid of waste and fraud in a program here or there. What you have to do is decide what the government ought to be. Should the government be the policeman of the world? Should our government be passing out welfare from cradle to grave? And I don’t think we can afford it. And I don’t think that is what it was designed for.”

Paul’s appearance on Fox came as two new polls show the Texas congressman surging to second place in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The Bloomberg survey of likely Iowa caucus-goers shows Paul in a four-way statistical tie with Herman Cain at 20 percent, followed by Paul at 19 percent, Mitt Romney at 18 and Newt Gingrich at 17 percent. The poll has a four percent plus or minus margin of error.

The Bloomberg survey of likely primary voters in New Hampshire shows frontrunner Mitt Romney with a solid lead with 40 percent of the vote, followed by Ron Paul in a distant second at 17 percent.

Posted by TPI editor on 11/17/2011 12:08:42 PM
Filed under: paul, ron, supercommittee

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