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Bachmann Clinches Wayne Newton Endorsement

Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann picked up the endorsement of long-time Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton following Tuesday night’s debate, reports the Daily Caller.

Bachmann made a surprise appearance on Fox New’s “On the Record” with Newton, where he revealed he would be supporting Bachmann’s candidacy.

“I watched the entire debate, and I don’t have to tell you how proud I was of this lady because not only did she hold her own, but she kind of stood alone and I’m not talking about being female,” Newton said. “I’m talking about the wonderful things and views that she has for America.”

Bachmann said she had no problem accepting Newton’s support, or the support of any Vegas entertainer.

“Hey, why not?” Bachmann said. “We’ll take support everywhere we can, and it doesn’t get better. This is a picture of America right here. This is like John Wayne, Wayne Newton, so I’m just thrilled."

While the nation struggles to manage its economic troubles, Newton said he believes a Bachmann administration could put the nation’s economy back on track.

“It’s going to take electing this beautiful lady as president for things to really change because what it means is we have to get everybody back to work, and we have to get people back in their homes,” Newton said. “This is a lady that knows a little bit about what it’s like to have children and at times to have to go home and tell them that the world isn’t quite as nice as they’d like.”

Posted by TPI editor on 10/20/2011 1:24:56 PM
Filed under: endorsement, newton, bachmann

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