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About Tea Party Insider is the ultimate go-to site for all things "Tea Party." It is a continuously-updated platform comprised of breaking news, commentary, blogs, press releases and events related to national and state Tea Party associations.

From its inception in 2009, the Tea Party has met with huge, quantifiable successes. As a result, it has also earned its share of political adversaries, whose perspectives will also be featured.

As the Tea Party expands, so do its "growing pains." How it handles these challenges will define its character and, ultimately, whether the Movement fizzles out or becomes a long-term fixture on the political landscape. TeaPartyInsider will explore some of the most pressing questions, and will do so in a clear, concise manner. Topics include:

What is the Tea Party, and is there agreement on priorities and candidate choices heading into the 2012 election cycle?

How powerful is Tea, and has its influence peaked?

Are there fissures occurring within the Movement, and if so, on what issues?

Will the Tea Party organize primary challenges to incumbent Republicans, including some it helped elect?

How will it fare in a presidential election year absent the huge GOP wave of 2010, and how is the Movement coping with being part of the very Establishment it helped topple just last year?

The Tea Party Movement is unique in that it has no central control, nor any national leader. While this has been labeled both a strength and weakness, the model has thus far served the Tea Party quite well. It was immensely successful in the 2010 elections when forty of its candidates won election to Congress and the Senate. With the Movement's backing, the GOP realized its largest electoral gains since 1946.

Unquestionably, the Tea Party is attempting to play a major role in deciding who will emerge victorious from the 2012 elections. Given the unparalleled challenges facing the nation, the Movement realizes that there has never been a better opportunity to sell its ideas, advance its limited government agenda--- and flex its muscles to achieve another smashing electoral success.

And that work has already begun, as there are Tea Party Caucuses in both the Senate and House of Representatives, and jockeying for Tea Party backing in the presidential primaries in full swing.

With an expert staff leveraging close relationships with national Tea Party leaders, political commentators and presidential contenders, TeaPartyInsider is ideally situated to be the best source of accurate information for up to the minute developments and expert analysis on aspects of the Tea Party Movement.

Should you have leads, stories, questions or comments, please contact us.
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Cell Phone video recorded at the Occupy Wall Street Protests in West Palm Beach, Florida.
On the Scene At Occupy Wall Street Protests in West Palm Beach
Cell Phone video recorded at the Occupy Wall Street Protests in West Palm Beach, Florida.
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